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Hip Hop Culture & Organizing For Health

We are right back in the cypher, on Audio Nuggets with Khafre Jay in Episode 33: Hip Hop Culture & Organizing For Health. Khafre Jay is a change-maker, hip hop artist, and community organizer who is practicing new worlds.

Hip hop is art. Hip hop is poetry. Hip hop is a cornerstone of our stories. Hip hop is the MOST effective organizing force that we have. Hip Hop is culture! In this episode, we hear from Khafre about his abolitionism and how he’s leveraging Hip Hop as communal health. This King has range, wisdom and a sharp political analysis. Be prepared to break intellectual laziness as we chop it up.

To learn more about Khafre Jay and ways to support Drip Fest, you can visit his website  Hip Hop Organizer | Khafre Jay and subscribe to the newsletter Unapologetic Black, watch his Ted Talk Performance by Hip Hop for Change | Khafre Jay | TEDxSausalito ( and follow on IG @khafrejay.

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