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Notes For Freedom

Audio Nuggets is back in the cypher and expanding Black History with #3 for FREEDOM. Episode 29: Notes For Freedom with Dr. Jessica Pryce will push you to embrace a reckoning.

For over 15 years, Dr. Pryce has worked with multiple angles in child protection, encompassing direct practice, academia, policymaking and research.

This episode unpacks just a few of Dr. Pryce’s contributions to freedom and liberation through her writing and memoir that is set to be released as we commemorate 60 years of civil rights legislation for Black bodies.

Broken: Notes of a Former Caseworker; Transforming Child Protective Services, is a former caseworker’s searing, clear-eyed investigation of the child welfare system—from foster care to incarceration—that exposes the deep-rooted biases shaping the system, witnessed through the lives of several Black families.

Dr. Pryce graces the audience with truth-telling vulnerability, wisdom, and the story of her personal journey of witnessing the humanness in Black parents.

After Dr. Jessica Pryce, Aubrey Edwards-Luce will anchor us with Dreaming of Sanctuary.

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