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Radically Practical

We are back in the cypher for Black History Month ’24.

Audio Nuggets has curated the most magnificent series to commemorate 60 years post-civil rights. We are honored to level UP with THE jasmine Sankofa for Episode 27: Radically Practical.

jasmine is the Executive Director of Movement For Movement Power. She joins us embodying many roles in the quest for freedom.  She’s a passionate movement lawyer, scholar, activist, storyteller, birth worker, and bonus/god mama committed to abolition and grounded in the belief that when we fight, we win.

jasmine’s warmth and laughter permeates the cypher, as she reminds listeners that dreaming, imagining and building with people are practical steps toward abolition.

From jasmine, the next drop will weave threads of Blackness with Dawn Blagrove from Emancipate NC.

Until freedom…

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