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  • My Journal Entry: Systems Don’t Change Until People Change

    The Proximity Process

    As a career macro-level social worker, I’ve arrived at a major shift in perspective. The unit of change is more about people than policy. Today’s episode is about how I came to the idea that systems don’t change until people change. In other words, I believe that systems change strategies are important, but they are insufficient in advancing justice for families. I share how the strategies I’ve worked on ran up against very real limitations in their ability to improve the well-being of children or parents and keep families together. When we change the structures of the system are we solving the right problem? I wrap with some of my practices for how I am changing so that my work is in service of people rather than systems.
  • “Until then … I just keep moving forward.”

    Resilient Voices & Beyond

    We embark on an inspiring journey with Brandon Youngblood, exploring his life’s challenges and triumphs. Join us as we delve into Brandon’s incredible journey from a consistently chaotic childhood marked by domestic violence and substance use to becoming a Foster Care Specialist at MDHHS. At 29 years old, Brandon’s story is one of resilience, expertise, and advocacy.
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  • A History of Parental Rights, with Stephen Krason

    The EPPiC Broadcast

    This week, we talk with Stephen Krason, Professor of Political Science and Legal Studies at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, and Parental Rights Foundation board member. Stephen tells us about the historical background of parental rights, and why we have the parental rights laws that we have today. He also explains the legal underpinnings of […]
  • Education Is Around Us Every Day

    Resilient Voices & Beyond

    “Education is around us every day, providing us with opportunity…Be wise enough to see it, take action, and live out your wildest dream.” In this episode, I had the great pleasure of talking with Shanell Lavallie about her story and journey to being an educator and more…
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SafeCamp Shows

  • The Proximity Process

    Fourteenth Street Studios

    This is a show about how child welfare transformation actually starts with personal transformation. Follow Matt Anderson, a former child welfare executive with 20 years of experience, as he goes deeper into his own process of becoming who he needs to be. Matt has conversations with creative disruptors who help us see how systems can harm and oppress people. Each episode is an invitation to go deeper into your own process of being in service of people rather than systems.
    • Child Welfare
  • Born in June Raised in April Podcast

    Born In June, Raised In April: What Adoption Can Teach the World

    April Dinwoodie

    Nationally recognized thought leader, April Dinwoodie, hosts a personal journey while exploring her adoption experience.
    • Adoption
  • Ivory Bennett Podcast

    Ivory Bennett: The Podcast

    Ivory Bennett

    An audio project from Ivory Bennett, a published author with a passion for the creative arts. She is a former foster youth who spent 17 years in foster care. Ivory has a dual degree from The University of Pittsburgh in Africana Studies and English Literature with a minor in Theatre Arts. She has a Master’s […]
    • Child Welfare | Foster Care
  • How Is That Legal?: Breaking Down Systemic Racism One Law at a Time

    Community Legal Services of Philadelphia

    Kee Tobar and expert guests break down examples of systemic racism in the law and policy. By the end of each episode, you’ll understand the forces behind everyday injustices that make us ask, “How in the world is that legal?”
    • Law & Policy
    • Racial Justice
  • Resilient Voices & Beyond


    Through our podcast, Resilient Voices and Beyond, we strive to educate our listeners on reforms, advocacy, policies, prevention, foster care, adoption, kinship, CCIs, JJ, and the child welfare system, while challenging and breaking away from the stigmas and labels surrounding these topics.
    • Child Welfare
    • Foster Care
    • Law & Policy
    • Transition-age Youth
  • The EPPiC Broadcast

    Parental Rights Foundation

    Welcome to the EPPiC Broadcast: Empowering Parents and Protecting Children. Featuring personal stories, breaking news, and insightful commentary, we’ll encourage and inform you on the issue of family and parental rights as you guide and protect that child who is your world.
    • Parental Rights
  • Audio Nuggets

    Mining for Gold

    Audio Nuggets is the Mining For Gold cypher, where we are expressive, independent, and a bit impatient as we struggle for even a taste of justice. It is a place where paradox is visible. Where often two things can be and are true at once. The edges of society exist as protection for some, simultaneously evoking expression.
    • Child Welfare
    • Law & Policy
    • Racial Justice
  • Gray Area

    Voices of Monterey Bay

    We make documentaries for your ears. We tell the stories of people who are trying to get beyond labels of right and wrong or good and evil to get to something even bigger: redemption. Gray Area deals with some pretty heavy stuff, but it also lightens up when you least expect it. As our co-producer Mara Reynolds says, it’ll make you cry — but in a good way.
    • Justice
  • Unbelievably Resilient

    Institute for Family & Unbelieveably Resilient

    On the Unbelievably Resilient podcast, alumni of foster care offer a safe space to commune, laugh, and share stories of resilience.
    • Child Welfare
    • Foster Care
  • The Children’s Law Podcast

    True North Child Advocates

    Welcome to the Children’s Law Podcast brought to you by True North Child Advocates. Our goal is to empower children’s lawyers to help abused and neglected children get home faster.
    • Child Welfare
    • Foster Care
    • Law & Policy
  • The Imprint Weekly

    The Imprint

    The Imprint Weekly Podcast offers listeners a regular review of news and trends in America’s child welfare and juvenile justice systems, along with other critical services for youth and families.
    • Child Welfare
    • Law & Policy